Open Mat

We want the martial art community to know that U.M.A. Is a school open for all to train with us.

Today, March 25 after BJJ class we started our open mat class 5-6PM, and will continue every Saturday thereafter.

We want to break the norm and have all systems welcomed to be represented, and all practitioners to train with people they’ve never met before. I say all the time and believe that martial arts united us, and I believe it’s best to train with as many people as you can so you can adapt and adjust to different energies. Another great benefit in doing so allows more knowledge of the arts to be shared and explored.  This the beauty of Jeet Kune Do!

Team Unlimited 

U.M.A. Brooklyn – New York Mixed Martial Arts Facility
U.M.A. Brooklyn - Mixed Martial Arts Training Facility

Written by U.M.A. Brooklyn

March 25, 2017