January 2018 Special Event Recap ~* Jeet Kune Do Belt Test *~

~* Jeet Kune Do Belt Test *~

On January 20th, we had our second Belt Test in Jeet Kune Do for both our adult students and Little Dragons. It was an amazing day of watching everyone “level-up” and push themselves outside of their comfort zone.

Sifu Phil and Sifu Anthony want to remind everyone that every test will be different, but the goal is to always bring out the best in everyone. Testing conditions are meant to be challenging in a way where we are forced to go beyond our current level. In this space, two things happen: 1) We outperform ourselves and break through barriers of our perceived limitations, and 2) The holes in our knowledge become amplified and we can see where we need improvement. Testing offers us both of these opportunities: to level-up on the spot and to reflect on how we can become better in the future.

Although belts are awarded to individuals, here at Unlimited Martial Arts in Brooklyn, we recognize that we are only as good as our training partners. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We are Team Unlimited because we believe that each of us has unlimited potential. We can only achieve our highest potential when we support that growth in others. Great job to everyone that day! We look forward to seeing everyone’s continuous evolution on and off the mat!

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Written by U.M.A. Brooklyn

February 13, 2018