Lionel Fabregue on the Sport Application of Panatuken

Lionel Fabregue (Jack Uzi), a 12 year professional boxing veteran from Geneva, came to visit UMA in March to show us the practical sport applications of the art of Panatuken (Filipino boxing). This boxing style, a street fighting art, uses a lot of techniques for terminations and limb destructions. Lionel, representing the Methodology of Panuntukan France Association by Stephane Pourre, demonstrated how to use trapping, zoning, and body manipulation in a sports setting. As JKD practitioners, we love looking at the arts from new perspectives. Students had the opportunity to experiment with the new techniques during sparring at the end of the workshop. Thank you, Lionel! We look forward to adding these new tools to our JKD toolboxes!

U.M.A. Brooklyn - Mixed Martial Arts Training Facility

Written by U.M.A. Brooklyn

April 10, 2018