Jeet Kune Do Training NYC / Brooklyn

We’ve had a lot of great workshops this year at UMA. Being the newest Jeet Kune Do academy in the New York City area.  Williamsburg Brooklyn is where we represent the teachings of Sijo Bruce Lee, but that’s not all we do.
Sijo Lee’s goal was to make us be able to flow “like water” through the arts we study to be able to adapt to any style / situation  that we are faced with. That’s why boxing is the core for footwork and striking. Muay Thai and Savate to counter the boxing range with kicks and to bridge the gap to enter the clinch / trapping range.  Wing Chun is applied and was the main art in Jun Fan Gung Fu that Sijo focused on in the 60s / 70s to increase his students timing and hand speed to quickly take out an opponent. If a fight then goes to the floor, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu are the dominating arts that one should practice for control.
Sijo Lee has these 4 ranges covered, but it was his best friend and highly skilled artists Guro Dan Inosanto that introduced him to the 5th range which is when weapons are applied.  Kali / Escrima / Arnis commonly known in the Filipino Martial Arts is what was adapted to Jeet Kune Do concepts. Many people that practice FMA understand that it heightens the proficiency of the arts in the 4 ranges, and which is why we teach these principles and arts at our martial arts school in Brooklyn.
U.M.A. Brooklyn - Mixed Martial Arts Training Facility

Written by U.M.A. Brooklyn

October 27, 2017