Vitaliy Gershfeld

Vitaliy Gershfeld has over 10 years experience in Jeet Kune Do concepts. He has trained for numerous years with both Sifu Philip Cruz and Sifu Anthony Fontana and possesses a black belt through Dan Anderson. Vitaliy also continually studies new arts to further his skill and teaching in Unlimited Martial Arts by actively working with professional fighters including Joan Guzman, former 2 time boxing champion and Chris Lukusa, Swiss and French kickboxing/boxing champion.
Vitaliy specializes and teaches the following arts in Unlimited Martial Arts: Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, Western and Filipino Boxing as well as other FMA arts, including Silat and various weapons arts. 
Vitaliy’s goal is to help students within the UMA community further their martial skill levels and apply them in practical situations. He teaches weapons classes every Thursday and the empty hand FMA and boxing classes every Friday. Vitaliy is also available for private training.