Ung Moon (5 Gates) Part 2 #miamibeach
MARS Curriculum Training with Sifu Anthony & Sifu Randy of Wolf Martial Arts
Lameco Kali Angels 1-12
FMA Weapons Kruz Series
FMA Weapons Entry 3 Series
FMA Weapons - Abanico Series
FMA Weapons - Redondo Series
FMA Weapons - Figure 8 Series REVERSE GRIP
FMA Weapons - Figure 8 Series
FMA Weapons - Hands switching
Shadow Boxing Drills
Muay Thai Defensive Footwork Drills
Muay Thai - Wall Drills
Wolf Martial Arts x UMA Miami Beach
Muay Thai - Elbows with Kru Paul
Weapons Footwork
Use What You’ve Got
Ung Moon (5 Gates) Part 1.
Kru Pual - Muay Thai Curriculum 4 Counts
Kru Paul - Muay Thai Curriculum 3 counts
Kru Paul - Muay Thai Curriculum 2 counts
Kru Paul - Solo Kicking Drill
Filipino Martial Weapons Drills
Footwork Drills
UMA Brooklyn | COVID-19 Measures
A day in the Life at 5th Street Gym / U.M.A. Miami Beach
Kong Dirty Boxing @umamiamibeach
ABC News Channel 10 South Florida
PFA Tour Guide in NYC
April 11, 2019
Kong Performance @UMA
Part 6 “The Honest Art”
Part 5 “Intercepting Fists”
“The Human Weapon” Part 4: “Control”
“The Human Weapon” Part 3: JKD / FMA Trapping Hands
2 Martial Sport
"The Human Weapon" Part 1. Chi Sao
UMA - Open House May 13th
UMA - Krav Maga
UMA Kristen & Tim
UMA - Sifu Phil Cruz - Karenza
UMA - Little Dragons
UMA - Battle Ready
UMA - Unlimited Martial Arts - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
UMA - Grand Opening Mix - March 6th
UMA - stick sumbrada
UMA - knives sumbrada

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